Alison Bernstein is the Founder of MILF Capital. She is an entrepreneur and has successfully built several businesses while raising her 4 young children. Most recently she has successfully launched and grown The Suburban Jungle Realty Group- a unique real estate model within the world of residential real estate. The company has grown over 350% year to date and has recently launched an Empty Nester Division and is expanding nationally. She has also started various other successful businesses including a Wall Street Boot Camp. Ms. Bernstein holds a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign and an MBA from Columbia Business School. She has a background in investment banking and well as Corporate Business Development.

MILF Capital was created from the personal experience of launching her latest business, The Suburban Jungle Realty Group. The team she has put in place, and the system in which she was able to grow and scale the business is something that can be replicated across different business models and ideas. First hand, she has worked with and her kids have played with MILFs- mother's I'd like to Finance. Great ideas, however not enough confidence, know how and resources to be able to grow these ideas. MILF Capital was born.

Our Advisory Board:

Our Advisory Board is comprised of accomplished investors, CEO's and Fund Principals across all business lines including: Biotech, Consumer Products, Business Services, Technology and Industrials.