MILF Capital is a firm dedicated to working exclusively with "MILFs"- Mothers I'd Like To Finance.

The firm was created to develop and further access the great opportunities that highly educated, intelligent women have, yet are busy doing the "mom" thing. We serve a unique market: Women who have real life experience, incredible academic achievements, and great concepts in order to create unbelievable businesses YET lack the resources, capital, networks and up to date technology to fully capitalize on their ideas and concepts.

SO…we created Milf Capital . A firm dedicated exclusively to MILF's. Milf Capital specializes in all stages of the business process-

  • Initial seed capital
  • Hands on management and operational expertise to help navigate marketing, technology, social media for BOTH existing businesses and new ideas
  • Idea Up- have a great idea? we can help execute
  • Small businesses looking to grow to the next level

Our Advisory Board has expertise across many industries including pharmaceuticals, biotech, consumer products, technology, traditional manufacturing as well as service business.

Many ideas are born in a carpool line and businesses started at playdates… AND THEN MILF Capital takes it to the next level.